Standardizing the Process of Training in the Iran’s Civil Servants Pension Fund (CSPF) in Accordance with the Standard ISO 10015


“The standardization of the Civil Servants Pension Fund (CSPF) training program” project run in 2015 and 2016. This study has absolutely functional outcomes in the field of education. The main sections of this study have been conducted in the following categories:


Pathology and Recovery Programs

In this section, the malfunctions of the training processes at CSPF has examined through running several interviews and marking the checklist extracted from them. As a result, recovery programs were suggested to ameliorate the educational system and standardize it.


Standards for Vocational Education

  • Vocational standards were codified by experts for 62 jobs at CSPF.


New Training Programs (Selective)

  • New specialized courses have been extracted through a needs analysis process and 34 courses have been planned.


The Constitution, Administrative Methods and Instructions

  Fifteen administrative methods and instructions have been offered to CSPF alongside the enclosed forms.