Current Researches

Preparing strategic plan for Iran’s civil servants pension Fund (CSPF)

Modify the organizational structure of Iran’s civil servants pension Fund (CSPF)

Pathology of Iran’s Pension Fund’s Investment

Filing welfare and mental health for 1000 of retirees in Tehran province

Implementation of agreed procedures of financial information

Comparative Projection of Aged Population by Iran’s Provinces until 2026

Pathology of Stagnation in Industrial Enterprises; Affiliated to Pension Funds In Iran and Policy Recommendations

An integrative review of concepts & dimensions of ageing well

Comparative study of services of retirement centers in selected countries

Conceptual framework, components and the requirements of provisions of a pension fund investment policy document

Pathology of transforming the Iran’s steel pension fund (IRSBF) to the Iran’s civil servants pension Fund (CSPF)

Exercise for older adults (Translation)

Ten global challenges for social security (Translation)

Seminar on aging and exercise strategies to prevent aging

Documentation the experience, reforming division businesses and establish specialized holdings.

Iran’s economy in 2017 (Book)