TitleSpeakers - Position
The Evaluation of the Quality of Serices Provided by CSPF (Case Study of Lorestan Province)Ali Rastkhaneh - Researcher
A Seminar on Reviewing the Constitution and Social Security SystemJamshid Taghizadeh - CEO of CSPF

Ali Akhavan - Vice President of Parliament Research Center Of the Islamic Republic Of Iran
Overview of Socioeconomic Satus of the Elderly in IranSamaneh Golab - Researcher from Saba Pension Strategies Institute

Samira Gholami - Researcher
Successful Experienes of Mediating Institutions in Providing Social, Cultural, and Welfare Services in Other Countries Iman Yousefzadeh - Researcher and Consultant
A Seminar on the Requirements of Coping with Sanctions: Learning from Previous ExperiencesSeyed Ehsan Khandoozi - Faculty Member of School of Economics, Allameh Tabatabai University
Looking at the Crisis Faced by CSPF and Possible Mechanisms to Cope with ItMohammad Ali Ebrahimzadeh - Deputy CEO for Technical Affairs of CSPF

Komeil Sohani - Author and Documentary Filmmaker
نشست الزامات مقابله با تحریم‌ها؛ درس‌هایی از تجارب پیشینSeyed Ehsan Khandoozi - Consultant in Parliament Research Center Of the Islamic Republic Of Iran
A Seminar on the Current and Future Situation of Iran’s EconomyJamshid Taghizadeh - CEO of CSPF

Nejat Amini - Deputy CEO for Investment and Economic Affairs of CSPF

Ali Dini Torkamani - Faculty Member of Institute For Trade Studies and Research
Introduction and Critical Analysis of the Book: Rethinking about Pension System’s StrategiesArash Nasr Esfahani - Author
Iran’s Economy in 2018Saeideh Sharifi - Journalist and Researcher

Saeid Darab - Economic and Investment Consultant

Reza Majidzadeh - Researcher of Socio-economic Development
Introduction and Critical Analysis of the Book: Iran’s Economy in 2018Ali Arabmazar - Member of the Borad of Directors in CCPF

Hojatollah Mirzaei - Deputy-Mayor of Tehran for Planning and Urban Development and City Council Affairs

Mohsen Renani - Faculty Member of University of Tehran