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“Saba Pension Strategies Institute” was established as a research-based force for The Civil Servants Pension Fund (CSPF) in February, 2017. The major focus of the Institute is meant to be carrying out research studies, and educational activities required by CSPF and its subsidiary corporations.
In order to perform the aforementioned duties, the following purposes and strategies have been devised for a five-year time span:



– Achieving an analytical, research-based insight in line with the structure and function of the CSPF and its members

– Providing help in order to transform the CSPF into a learning-oriented institution

– Generating and providing approaches for modifying the structure and function of the CSPF – attempting to evolve the national policies in accordance with old age and retirement

– Raising awareness among policy makers and the elite regrading the significance and the socioeconomic status of the CSPF in the country



– Activating, upgrading, and expanding the knowledge of the managers and supervisors of the CSPF and its subsidiary corporations

– Conducting practical studies and estimating the requirements of the management team at the CSPF and its subsidiary corporations

– Effective collaboration with the management team at the CSPF and its subsidiary corporations

– Collaborating with the elite and research centers and making decisions in the domains of social insurance and CSPF


It is worth mentioning that “Saba Pension Strategies Institute” has been founded in line with the aims of “The Institute of Audit”. The Institute of Audit was established to audit the organizations and corporations associated with the CSPF in 1996. In 2006, the Institute of Audit began concentrating on performing research studies alongside auditing , and in four years succeeded to publish more than 50 reports and studies on the subject of CSPF and the policies concerning senior citizens and pensioners. Nevertheless, the Institute of Audit stopped working in 2010.
The crisis of the pension funds as well as the changes in the management team of the CSPF, created the need for revitalizing the research center. “Saba Pension Strategies Institute” was therefore established so as to conduct the studies and share the experiences gained by the Institute of Audit.