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TitleResearcher/TranslatorYear of PublicationAbstract
The Experiences of CSPF’s Board of Directors: Lessons for the FutureMichael Azimi2021Download
Corporate Governance in CSPFSeyed Navid Hashemi - Pouran Panahzadeh 2021Download
GoodGovernance: Developing Stakeholder Praticipation Model (Pensioners and Contributorsof CSPF)Mir-Taher Mousavi, Hamidreza Hendi, and Faezeh Joghataei2021Download
Retirement and Its Discontents: Typology of the Lifestyles of CSPF’s Retired membersAbbas Gorgi - Saeed Goodarzi 2021Download
The Impacts of Social and Cultural Services Provided by Civil Servants Pension Fund (CSPF) on Retired Members’ Quality of Life IndexKaram Habibpour Gatabi2021Download
Providing Integrated Smart Services in Civil Servants Pension Fund (CSPF)Tomorrow Large Integrated Sstem Corporation (TLS)2021Download
The Analysis of CSPS’s Interorganizational ConflictsReza Omidi2021Download
A Survey on Demands and Challenges of CSPF’s Retired MembersHossein Noorinia and Reyhaneh Abdi2021Download
The Social Enterprise in a World DisruptedReza Maidzadeh2021Download
Non-financial Defined Contribution Pension Schemes: Experiences of Several CountriesTayebeh Jalili2020Translated from EN
Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on CSPF's Fiscal PerformanceEsmaeil Safarzadeh2020Download
Quality of Life of Civil Servants and Retirees in IranThe Iranian Students Polling Agency (ISPA)2020Download
Resource Allocation Strategies in the Pension Funds from Selected CountriesReza Mirzaebrahimi and Niloofar Jahanfar2020Download
Pensions at a Glance 2017: G20 and OECD Indicators2020Translated from EN
A Study on the Typology of the Consumer Behavior among CSPF’s Retired MembersShiva Parvaei2020Download
How Do Elderly Headed Households Spend Their PensionsSamira Gholami and Samaneh Golab2020Download
Strategic Dialogues in 2019Hosted by Saba Pension Strategies Institute2020Download
Actuarial Calculations MethodsEhsan Rajabi Dehaghi and Zahed Asadi2020Download
Global Pension Assets Study 2020Hamid Gomari2020Translated from EN
IRAN’S Civil Servants Pension Fund: History and PerformanceHamid Gomari2020Download
The Impact of Corona Outbreak on Petrochemical Companies in IranSeyed Reza Mirnezami and his Research Team2020Download
Iran’s Old AgeWatch Index in 2016Nasibeh Zanjari and Rasoul Sadeghi2020Download
Facilitating Retirement Certificate Issuance: Documenting an ExperienceMasoud Kasraee Nezhad2020Download
The Elderly Mental Health: Exercises to Improve the Memory of the Elderly Fatemeh Atraki2020Translated from EN
The Narrow Corridor of Sanctions: Impact of Sanctions on CSPF’s Investment on Petrochemical IndustryPolicy Research Institute of Sharif University of Technology2020Download
Direct Payment of Pension to CSPF’s Retired Members: Documenting an ExperienceMasoud Kasraee Nezhad2019Download
Human Right Approach towards Social ProtectionsMohsen Arameshpour and Maryam Enbrahimi2019Translated from EN
Practical Guidance for PROST SoftwareAtefeh Hosseini2019Translated from EN
Social BudgetingZahed Asadi and Ehsan Rahabi Dehaghi2019Download
Social Services and Retirement: A Case Study of Successful CountriesIman Yousefzadeh, Masoumeh Eshaghi Gorji, and Elham Zamanshoar Haris2019Translated from EN
Social Insurance and Social JusticeSeyed Vahid Mirebeigi and Baghador Sohrabi2019Translated from EN
Reversing Pension Privatization: Rebuilding Public Pension Systems in Eastern European and Latin American Countries Hamid Gomari2019Translated from EN
Retirement, A Peace Harbor (I Feel Like Having a Better Retirement)Zahra Zadegholam2019Download
Recession in Industrial Firms The EconomicHamid Bakhtiari2019Translated from EN
The Role of Tax System in the Efficiency of Social Security SystemAli Fallah Ziarani2019Download
Anticipation of Iran’s Elderly Population until 2026Mahmood Moshfegh2019Download
Seminars on Strategic Dialogues in 2018Saba Pension Strategies Institute (Team work)2019Download
How Do Elderly Headed Households Spend Their Pensions?Samira Gholami and Samaneh Golab2019Translated from EN
The Policy of Internal Accountancy System of CSPFMohamadnader Khomjani and Mohamad Falahpor2019Translated from EN
Perspectives on Population Aging in the Asia-Pacific Region Farzam Pourasghar Sangachin and Habib Jabari2019Translated from EN
An Investigation into the Demands of Retirees in IranYaser Bagheri and Reyhaneh Abdi2019Download
Universal Social Protection FloorsHamid Gomari2018Translated from EN
The Nightmare of Retirement: An Investigation into the Experience of Retirement in IranFarhad Nosrati Nejad2018Download
10 Global Challenges for Social SecurityMaryam Haji Ghorbani Dolabi and Esmaeel Taheri Behrooz2018Translated from EN
Aging Well: A Review on the Concepts and Dimensions of Aging WellNasibeh Zanjari2018Download
Re-birth: The Experience of Reforming CSPF’s Structure and Making Holdings within the Pension Fund-2018Translated from EN
Rethinking about Pension System’s StrategiesMohammad Hossein Emadi and Arash Nasr Esfahani2018Download
Iran’s Economy in 2018: Analysis of Macro-Level and Urban IssuesAli Dini Torkamani and Ali Jafari Shahrestani2018Translated from EN
Iran’s Pension Funds Throughout the YearsBehrooz Hadi Zonooz2018Download
CSPF’s Oral History through Interviews with the ManagersMichael Azimi2017Download
The History of a Pension FundMichael Azimi2017Download
Structural Reforms in Companies and Holdings Constitution The CSPF’s ExperienceBahman Ahmadi Amouee2017Download
Iran’s Economy in 2017Esmaeil Safarzadeh2017Translated from EN
Investment Statement of Policy and ProceduresAli Fallah Ziarani2017Download
Iran’s Economy in 2016, Threats and HopesCSPF’s Policy Studies Institute2016Translated from EN
How to Retire Happy Zahra Zadehgolam and Mryam Joulaei Moghadam2016Translated from EN
The Joy of Not Working Zahra Zadehgolam and Najimeh Jalili2016Translated from EN
Review on Pension System Reforms in Selected Countries Fariba Behzad2016Translated from EN
Civil Servants Pension Funds in Different Countries Masoud Kasraee Nezhad, Elmira Bayati, and Fariba Behzad2016Translated from EN