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Macroeconomics and Economic Policy Studies

TitleReport No.Researcher/TranslatorYear of Publication
Social Security for the Digital Age102Reza Mirzaebrahimi2021
A Review of the Reforms in Civil Servants Pension Schemes in Different Countries80Reza Mirzaebrahimi2021
Civil Servants Pension Fund (CSPF) in the Context of Iran’s Economy81Niloofar Jahanfar2020
Income Resources and Savings of CSPF’s Active and Retired Members and their Households82Niloofar Jahanfar2020
Challenges of Pension Reforms in Sub-Saharan African Countries. (Translation)70Reza Mirzaebrahimi2018
Investigating the Distributive Effects of Pension System Reforms in Iran65Hoda Jafari2019
CSPF and Budget Bill in 202067Saba Pension Strategies Institute2019
An Overview of a Pension System in Canada (Translation)48Hoda Jafari and Reza Mirzaebrahimi2017
Where is the Government Revenue Spent? (A Glance at Macro Data of Budget from 2005 to 2018)45Samaneh Golab and Ahmad Ghorbani2018
Digital Economy and the Overview of Social Insurances (Translation)42Saba Pension Strategies Institute (Team Work)2018
A Glance at Budget Components of Social Welfare in Iran36Samaneh Golab2018
The Key Indicators of Labor Market and Their Impacts on Iran’s Pension Funds33Hoda Jafari2018
The Probable Direct and Indirect Impacts of the Laws Enacted in the Sixth Development Plan on CSPF30Hoda Jafari2017
Pensions for Public Sector Employees: Lessons from the Recent Experiences of OECD Countries (Translation)26Reza Mirzaebrahimi2016
Pathology of Integrating Steel Industry Workers Pension Fund (SHWPF) in CSPF28Samaneh Golab2016
Pension System Reforms: The Outlines and Outcomes and Review of Reforms Experiences in 10 Selected Countries24Samaneh Golab2016
The Comparison between Government Budget Allocated to Pension Funds and Unearned Tax21Leila Jafari Biroon2016
Stagnation in Industrial Institutions of Pension Funds and Possible Solutions (Executive Summary)19Hamid Bakhtiari2016
Impact of Aging on the Extent and Composition of Government Expenditures16Samaneh Golab2016
Investment of Pension Funds in Countries with Defined Benefit (DB) Pension System10Hoda Jafari2017
Limited Amount of Budget and a Big Number of Liabilities7Samaneh Golab2017
Social Security’s Expenditures at the time of Crisis (Translation)1Zeinab Gholipour2015
Estimations about Accumulated Amount of contributions and the Returns in NDC System: A case study on CSPF3Reza Mirzaebrahimi2015
A Review on the Adequacy of Pensions in CSPF4Hoda Jafari2017

Welfare and Social Security Studies

TitleReport No.Researcher/TranslatorDate of Publication
Nine Core Principles for Designing and Evaluation of Pension System115Michael Azimi2021
Human Capital is the Key to Good Governance: Assessing the Compliance of Human Resource Management in the CSPF with ISSA Guidelines on Good Governance114Nasrin Ghavami2021
Problem, Politics and Policy: The Study on Feasibility of Changing Retirement Policies 108Alireza Alavi Tabar2021
Varying Nature of Civil Servants Pension Fund Since Its Establishment107Farhad Bazrafkan2021
Work-related Injuries and Fatalities in Civil Servants Pension Fund (CSPF)100Farhad Bazrafkan2021
Population and Social Security in Japan95Hamid Gomari2021
Social Happiness and Wellbeing among the Retirees and Pensioners around the Globe101Nasrin Ghavami2021
Social Protection Delivery Systems: A Summarized Report98Farhad Bazrafkan2021
Inequality among CSPF’s pensioners after the Implementation of Pensions Adjustment Policy96Nasrin Ghavami2021
An Investigation into the Impacts of Pensions Adjustment Policy on Pension Adequacy94Samaneh Golab2021
Civil Servants’ Unidons in Selected Contries89Farhad Bazrafkan2020
The Universal Approach towards Social Protections93Farhad Bazrafkan2020
Social Capital of Retired Persons in Different Provinces of Iran91Nasrin Ghavami2020
Population Ageing: Alternative Measures of Dependency and Implications for the Future of Work88Hamid Gomari2020
International Social Security Association Guidelines on Good Governance-201990Samaneh Golab2020
The Pattern and Frequency of the Elderly Abuse among the Elderly Residing in Tabriz 87Habibeh Sotoudeh hagh2020
The Major Charges in Russia’s Pension System from the Beginning to the Present 85Farhad Bazrafkan2020
Social Capital of Retired Persons in Different Provinces of Iran84Nasrin Ghavami2020
An Assessment of Targeting Effectiveness in Social Protection76Farhad Bazrafkan ; Mohsen Arameshpour & Mariam Ebrahimi2020
Investigating Old Age Benefits 75Samaneh Golab2020
Measuring AgeWatch Index in Iran-2016 (Summary of a Project)79Nasibeh Zanjari and Rasoul Sadeghi2020
Transparency in Pension Funds78Nasrin Ghavami2020
Inequality among CSPF’s Pensioners74Nasrin Ghavami and Samaneh Golab2018
Regulatory in Pension Funds71Nasrin Ghavami2018
Social Protections Floors Index (CSPF) Index (Translation)73Hamid Gomari2018
Calculating the Affordability of Social Protections Floor in Iran72Samaneh Golab2018
Reviewing the Experience of Agriculture Jihad Pension Fund69Farhad Bazrafkan2018
Adequacy and Sustainability of Pension Systems in the Context of Demographic Ageing (Translation)68Hamid Gomari2019
The Evolutionary Changes in United Kingdom’s Civil Servants Pension System (Translation and Compilation)61Hamid Gomari2019
A Glimpse at Iran’s Pension Funds62Farhad Bazrafkan and Hamid Gomari2019
Are Pension Benefits provided by CSPF for the Members Generous?63Samaneh Golab2019
Barriers to the Reforms of Iran’s Pension System64Farhad Bazrafkan2019
Dominant Approach of Reforms in Iran’s Pension System60Fatemeh Abdolazim Beik2019
Measuring CSPF Retired Members’ Degree of Satisfaction with Medicare Supplement Insurance59Saeideh Noor Mohmmadi2019
Determinants of Intergenerational Transfers between Elderly Parents and Adult Children in the City of Tehran58Ali Hesari2019
Third ‘Age’ of Life: Retirement Crisis or Golden Years of Life57Nasrin Ghavami2019
The Study of Disability Benefit in CSPF55Nasrin Ghavami2019
A Review of Pensions Homogenization Rules in CSPF54Samaneh Golab2019
Innovative Approaches for Ensuring Universal Social Protection for the Future of Work (Translation)43Beham Zoghi and Hamid Gomari2019
Has the Redistributive Effect of Social Transfers and Taxes Changed over Time across Countries? (Translation)52Benam Zoghi and Reza Mirzaebrahimi2019
Reforms in Turkey’s Pension System56Farhad Bazrafkan2019
The Structure and Composition of Governance Iran’s Pension Funds51Nasrin Ghavami2019
OECD Guidelines for Pension Fund Governance (Translation)50Hoda Jafari and Hamid Gomari
Global AgeWatch Insights (Translation)46Hamid Gomari2017
Financing Social Protection for the Future of Work: Fiscal Aspects and Policy Options (Translation)49Hamid Gomari2017
The Origin of Survivors Rules in Iran’s Pension System47Nasrin Ghavami2018
The Finical Burden of Early Retirement Laws and the Analysis of the Article No. 104 of the Civil Services Management Act (CSMA)41Hoda Jafari2018
Overview of the Prevalent Rules of Iran’s Pension Funds44Samaneh Golab and Samad Mokhtarzadeh2018
Aging Well: Supportive Actions and Their Administrative Structure40Masoud Kasraee Nezhad2018
Fiscal Space for Social Protection and the SDGs: Options to Expand Social Investments in 187 Countries (Translation)39Touba Sarmadi2018
Policy Research: How to Write a Policy Paper38Nasrin Ghavami2018
The Social Protection Floors Recommendation No. 202, 2012 (Translation)37Farzaneh Kasraee Nezhad and Michael Azimi2018
ISSA Guidelines on Information and Communication Technology (Translation)35Fariba Behzad2018
Older People’s Associations: A Briefing on Their Impact, Sustainability and Replicability (Translation)34Masoud Kasraee Nezhad2018
The Statistical Analysis of the Costs of CSPF’s Retired Members’ Medicare Supplement Insurance32Hoda Jafari2017
The Statistical Analysis of the Costs of CSPF’s Medicare Supplement Insurance31Hoda Jafari2017
The Policy of Pension Funds in Iran: The Study of Economic Oriented Approach and Social Oriented Approach29Nasrin Ghavami2016
The ABCs of Nonfinancial Defined Contribution (NDC) Schemes (Translation)25Michael Azimi2016
The Trend of Changes in Iranian Retired People’s Attitudes and Values22Nasrin Ghavami2016
The Profile of Iranian Retired People in the Survey of Attitudes and Values18Nasrin Ghavami2016
World Social Protection Report 2017–19
Universal Social Protection to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (Translation)
17Michael Azimi2016
An Investigation into the Mental Health of Retired People Living in Tehran15Yalda Jafari2017
Review of Pension Systems in Selected Countries (Translation and Compilation)13Fariba Behzad2017
Survivors Pension in Different Countries (Translation and Compilation)12Nasrin Ghavami2017
Health Expenditures of Households with elderly Members9Samira Gholami2017
Proportion of Health Expenditures to Total Expenditures of the Households with Elderly members in Comparison with the Households without Elderly Members8Samira Gholami2017
A Glance at Three Reforms in Chili’s Pension System6Samaneh Golab2016
Data Summary of CSPFs Retired Members, the Disabled Members, and Deceased Members from 1922 to 19795Iran’s CSPF2016

Investment and Financial Markets Studies

TitleReport No.Researcher/TranslatorDate of Publication
Investment Statement in the Pension Funds of Selected Countries97Niloofar Jahanfar2021
Corporate Governance and Principles of Pension Systems: Principles and Solutions 83Samaneh Golab2020
Infrastructure Investment: Challenges and Opportunities for Social Security Reserve Funds (Translation)66Reza Mirzaebrahimi2018
ISSA Guidelines on Investment of Social Security Funds: Managers’ Responsibilities and Duties (Transition and Compilation)43Reza Mirzaebrahimi2018
The Necessity of Compiling a Document for Investment Policies in Pension Funds27Hoda Jafari2016
The Position of Current Financial Institutions in CSPF’s Investment Portfolio in the Value Chain of Steel Industry20Ahmadreza Barakatein2016
Review of Pension Funds Investment Rules in Selected Countries (Translation and Compilation)23Hoda Jafari2016
CSPF’s Coverage Liabilities under Various Investment Scenarios11Hoda Jafari and Samaneh Golab2017
The State-Owned Norwegian Pension Fund: Governance Structure and Investment Processes (Translation and Compilation)2Reza Mirzaebrahimi2017
CSPF’s Financial Sustainability under Various Scenarios14Samaneh Golab and Hoda Jafari2017