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TitleResearcher/ Translator
Designing the Efficient Model for Parent Companies and Their Settlement in CSPFMehdi Elyasi
Developing Corporate Governance Mechanism in CSPFSeyed Navid Hashemi
Designing the Frame and Architecture of Organizational Risk Management in CSPFSaeid Asadi
The Future of Iran’s Economy and Investment with the Focus on the Pension Funds under the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor, and Social WelfareTaha Rabani
Oral History and Experiences of Apadana Ceram Co ManagersHamid Bakhtiari
An Investigation into Social Responsibility and Civil Rights Based on GR2018 Model as Well as Constitution Making and Social Responsibility Processes Based on ISO2600 Social Security Organization Research Institute
Identification and Classification of the Prioritized Needs of CSPF’s Retired MembersSatar Parvin
Identification of the Components of the Elderly Household Consumption Expenditure Portfolio and Measurement of InflationSoheila Parvin
Strategic Investment Orientation of CSPF in Mining Metallic and Non-metallic Minerals and Related IndustriesMohammad Hashem Botshekan
Designing a Pattern for Digital Transformation in CSPF Naghizadeh
Quality of Life Survey on CSPF’s Retired MembersIranian Students Polling Agency (ISPA)
An investigation into the Socio-political Consequences of Pension Funds Challenges with the Focus on CSPFReza Omidi
Developing Policy and Action Plan for the Welfare System of the ElderlyAhmad Bokharaei
A National Survey on the CSPF’s Active Members (Contributors) Socioeconomic Status and Their Attitude towards CSPF Jamshid Shanbehzadeh
Developing a manual for CSPF’s Active Members (Contributors)Kharazmi University